Adapak speed sculpt

Adapak is a character from a book called “O espadachim de carvao” some thing like “The chalk swordsman” by the brazilian writer Affonso Solano.

I made this speed sculpt in Zbrush with the thinking of 3Dprinting it some time. not sure if I will do it or not.



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Cogeco Marquee

I’ve helped Hatch studios to create this TV spot not long ago, and I am really proud of the result that we got.

I did most of the modelling, texturing and concept art, my Favorited parts are the robot, and the desert.


robot_v001 copy

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Zbrush Turntable Gallery!


I was invited to be part of the Official zbrush turntable gallery.

I am very happy with it, this will showcase my work to a number of people I can just imagine.



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Demo Reel


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Cartoon Girl





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Lizard man – The Sexiest Creature from the swamp


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Little robot


modeled in zbrush and rendered in 3d studio max + v-ray



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Raul The Border collie

raul_tb copy

Modeled in Zbrush, hair from fibermesh exported as curves.

Rendered with 3d studio max, hair and fur and vray

post production in photoshop.

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The Borgias – My participation with Spinfx in the tv show The Borgias


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Alien Work in progress

alien_03 tb

Just a 3d concept i have being working on between projects, did not finish because haven`t decide what direction to take, posting here for some feedback.

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Samurai Low poly


This Character was made for learning and practicing only, modeled in 3d studio max and zbrush, textured in zbrush and photoshop and rendered in marmoset tollbag, a really nice software that allows you to preview lowpoly characters in a gaming render mode. The final model has 5.096 polys, a total of 9.965 triangles including the swords.

samurai_posed_002 samurai_tpose_003__ textures_cp face_passes samurai_wireframe_01 samurai_tpose_passes samurai_tpose_004 samurai_posed_005 samurai_posed_004 samurai_posed_001 samurai_polly_count mask face_angles


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Not much to say, just a revolver i made for fun.

revolver_003_low revolver_002_low revolver_004_low revolver_001 wireframe_01


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MonKeys! 3d printed


This is a model i did for testing some 3d printing, the pictures are photos of the prototype i received, without any finishing or painting yet.

Modeled in 3dsmax and zbrush.

if you want to buy this model, the company that prints ships world wide, free shipping!!

here is the link to buy this product:

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Werewolf concept

wolf_vertical tb

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first personal job of 2011!

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spaceboy_front tb

Hi, this is a quick character i did to test some of the features of the zbrush 4, like brush for hard surface and shadow box.

He is a space guard or something like that.

Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoy.

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This is my version of this wonderful character that used to be my favorite  hero when i was a kid.

As you can see, the costume is a little bit different than the classic one.

I remembered that in the adaptation for the movie  spider-man shoots webs from his own body.

I remember reading something about the director’s explanation.

He said that  if the spider bite gave him all his powers, why does he have to create something to shoot webs,

“Not even a  scientist can create something like that, so how could a high school kid do so?”

based on that i started to think. Peter Parker made his own suit. and the movie suit does not look like a home made suit.

how can a high school kid make a suit that uses some kind of fabric nobody has ever seen before ?

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Hades, inspired by the Cartoon Hercules from Disney.

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giraffe final

i really like this one.

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octopus_tratado TB

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The Elephant`s Dream


The elephant`s Dream is inspired by a concept made by creature-box

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